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There is a violent conspiracy to take me out, and it’s been going on for a very long time, for many years, and it needs to stop. I’ve tried and done everything, and nothing has worked; therefore, this book must be written. The public must know the great distress I have been under, the relentless worldwide bullying and the mockery that does not end.

This book is titled Unwavering because, after being slain in spirit during the time Jesus appeared to me in a vision, I asked him to mention one word that described me. He replied, “Unwavering!”

Stand Up or Die has a very important message I’d like to explain. I’ve had many instances and occurrences in my life where I was told by my imagination, which I believed was God (because it’s always right), that if I do not stand up for something, I’ll be killed. So I stood up, and sure enough, I am alive. If you have a problem with it, you indeed are that problem, and I am not. Shut up if you don’t like it. You know it’s true. You know what you planned, and so do I and now so does the entire world and I win. Ha!

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